Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to Convert Webpage to Pdf

Posted by Aamir
how to convert webpage to pdf
Web pages are displayed in HTML format with the help of browsers. It can be difficult for you to save the web page on your computer for future reference in HTML format where saving it in pdf format comes handy. In this article i am going to show how to convert a webpage to pdf format so that you can read it offline. Using  following tips you can easily save web pages in pdf format. After converting to pdf format, you can view it using any pdf viewer.                                      

Convert Webpage to pdf

Method 1

1. Open Google chrome on your PC.
2. Now open a webpage which you want to convert as pdf file.
3. Now press Ctrl + P on your PC which will open a Print Dialog Box in Chrome Browser.
4. Now Change the destination to save as pdf and click save button.
5. The Webpage will be downloaded and saved as PDF File.

Method 2

This can also be done online through
Goto web2pdfconvert  and enter URL which you want to convert to pdf and then hit on convert to PDF.

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