Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to Find and Remove duplicate files in Windows

Posted by Aamir
We keep downloading the same file number of times from the internet which makes our hard drives crowded with the same files. Finding those duplicate files and deleting them will be a challenging task without any software. Thankfully,there is a software called clonespy for windows which frees up hard disk space by finding and cleaning duplicate files on a computer.

With clonespy you can process files
  • which have same file name and same size.
  • which are zero bytes long.
  • files which are duplicates and have same file name.
To download clonespy click here.

Steps to Delete Duplicate Files: 

1. After installing open the clonespy by double clicking on clonespy icon on Desktop.
2. Now click on Add folder and select the folder from which you want to remove duplicate files.


3. Now click on add selected folder and then hit ok,the folder gets added into pool1.
4.Now hit on Start scanning, after scanning is complete click on delete duplicate files.



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  1. Good tips! I also know another tool which is very usefull in cases like this, DuplicateFilesDeleter. Thanks!