Monday, December 9, 2013

How to lock your computer remotely using Bluetooth Device

Posted by Aamir
Have you ever wondered your computer getting locked itself when you move away from it and getting unlocked when you move towards it, yes it is possible using a Software called Btprox which locks your computer depending on the Bluetooth signal. The application is completely available for free. Btprox works by pairing any Bluetooth device like mobile phone with your computer. It locks your computer whenever the Bluetooth device is taken away from it and unlocks the computer when the device is taken closer to it.

lock computer using bluetooth Device

Requirements for Btprox to work

1. Any device With Bluetooth connectivity (smart phone).
2. A Computer with Bluetooth.
3. Btprox software which can be downloaded from following link.

Steps to lock Computer remotely using Bluetooth

1. First download the Btprox application from the link provided above and install it.
2. Run the application from Desktop or program files.

Btprox-main window

3. Pair the Bluetooth device with your computer by clicking on '...' button next to used device.
4. Set the timeout for which you want your computer to be locked when you move away from it.

Btprox pair device

5. Now click on start button, the icon of the program in system tray turns orange as soon as the device is found.
6. When the Bluetooth device moves away, the icon turns red and computer gets locked after the timeout limit.
7. To abort locking, right click on the Btprox icon in system tray and click on Abort workstation lock



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