Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to remove last seen at time stamp in whatsapp

Posted by Aamir
 In this article i am going to show, how to remove 'last seen at' time stamp in Whatsapp. Unfortunately the developers of Whatsapp have not included the feature to hide the last seen at time stamp. It is really annoying to show when we were online and when we were not. Hiding last seen at time stamp is very simple and You don't need any software to disable last seen at time stamp in Whatsapp.

 disable lastseen in whatsapp                                 

Steps to Disable Last Seen In Whatsapp:

  • Before launching up whatsapp disable Data connection and your WiFi.
  • After disabling the data connection open whatsapp and read or send messages.
  • Now close the whatsapp and enable data connection.
  • When you enable the data connection the messages will be sent without updating your last login time in Whatsapp servers. 
We can also disable last seen at time stamp using an external app called "Not Last Seen". The app is completely available for free and can downloaded from following link.

To download the App click here .

After downloading and installing the App open it and enable the option called "Block last seen". Thats it you are done.

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