Monday, January 20, 2014

Easiest way to share audio files

Posted by Aamir
Nowadays, We don't have any problem in sharing images as there are loads of image sharing websites available which take your images and put them on their servers, thereby making image sharing easier. Like Flickr is to share images, you can now share audio files using Audiour.

Audiour is a audio management and audio sharing website. It's very simple and can work with both Mobile phones and web platforms. Using Audiour, you can share all the audio files like audio songs, audio messages(like people do with voice mails by recording message and sharing with anyone). You can upload audio files to Audiour via the web or from your system. The best thing about Audiour is that, there won't be any annoying changes made to your files like ads and also the service is free. Try Audiour  today, if you want to share your audio files.

  To start using Audiour:

  Go to, upload a audio file from Web or from your computer and get the link to share.It's as simple as that.


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