Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to hide Files and Folders in Android Smartphone or Tablet

Posted by Aamir
In the previous post we have seen How to password protect your Whatsapp messages, In this post I am going to show you how to hide files and folders on SD card in your Android smartphone. There are number of apps available in Playstore to hide files and folders but some of the apps are paid and some use high memory resources which slow down your smart phone. Here is an app called File Hide Pro which is available for free in android play store and is very lite on your Android phone.

hide files and folders in android smart phone

File Hide Pro

1. File Hide Pro comes with a simple user interface and can hide any file or folder in seconds.
2.The best thing about this app is it comes with Tip calculator so that no one will know you are hiding something.
3.You can long press on title i.e Tip calculator to open File Hide Pro.

file hide pro


1. App is disguised as a fully functional Tip calculator.
2. Hide any file or folder.
3. Simple User interface to help you easily hide files and folders.
4. Password protection to ensure your privacy.

Download File Hide Pro from play store by going to following link

Download File Hide Pro

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