Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to remove Toolbars and Adware search Engines from browser

Posted by Aamir
You may have many unknown Toolbars and Adware search Engines like Ask toolbar, Babylon toolbar, iLivid , Conduit Search engine, Smart bar installed which keep annoying you whenever you open your browser. You may not even know how these potentially unwanted programs got installed on your PC and It is not even easy to remove these annoying Toolbars and Adware Search Engines manually. But there is a tiny tool called Junkware removal tool which can remove potentially unwanted programs like Toolbars and Adware search engines automatically. This tool searches for and removes common Adwares, Toolbars and other potentially unwanted programs from your computer automatically.

remove toolbars and adware search engines

Junkware removal tool to remove Toolbars and Adwares

Junkware removal tool is available for windows xp, vista, 7, 8  and has the ability to remove following types of potentially unwanted programs
  1. Ask Toolbar
  2. Babylon Toolbar
  3. iLivid
  4. Conduit search engine
  5. MyWebsearch
  6. Web Assistant
  7. Searchqu
  8. IncredibiBar
  9. Delta and many more
When you run this tool, It will remove all the traces of the unwanted programs including registry keys, files and folders.
Junkware removal tool has a simple command line interface where you have to give yes or no confirmation to search and remove the annoying toolbars and adware search engines.

junkware removal tool (JRT)

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