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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Genuine way to make money online

Posted by Aamir
 Hi guys, Today i am going to write an article about Genuine and easy way to make money online which does not require any investment. Everyone is turning to internet to make money online. Using this method you can make some pocket money which will be useful for your daily expenses. is a site that pays you for entering the Captcha. This website pays on hourly basis.It usually pays 1$ for 1000 Captcha entries and you can withdraw the amount after reaching a limit of 1$ which can be reached in 1 or 2 hours if worked seriously. It pays your money to webmoney account. This money can be used to recharge your Mobile,DTH connection or you can transfer the funds to your bank account. When you are at beginner level it will be very hard to be paid out but if you persevere you will achieve a profitable position and payment.


For an explanation of ratings please see below:

Procedure to Register for kololotibablo: 

  • Go to and enter the information required then hit register.
  • You will receive login and password in email.
  • Now create webmoney account by going to and click on sign up.
  • Fill in  the details and verify your email id and mobile number.
  • After verifying you will get a wmpurse id,enter it in payment methods in kolotibablo website.
  • Now you are ready to start earning, Just go to, enter user name and password and start entering captcha to make money online.

if you need kolotibablo software,  Go to , if not you can continue to work using the browser. 

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to Find and Remove duplicate files in Windows

Posted by Aamir
We keep downloading the same file number of times from the internet which makes our hard drives crowded with the same files. Finding those duplicate files and deleting them will be a challenging task without any software. Thankfully,there is a software called clonespy for windows which frees up hard disk space by finding and cleaning duplicate files on a computer.

With clonespy you can process files
  • which have same file name and same size.
  • which are zero bytes long.
  • files which are duplicates and have same file name.
To download clonespy click here.

Steps to Delete Duplicate Files: 

1. After installing open the clonespy by double clicking on clonespy icon on Desktop.
2. Now click on Add folder and select the folder from which you want to remove duplicate files.


3. Now click on add selected folder and then hit ok,the folder gets added into pool1.
4.Now hit on Start scanning, after scanning is complete click on delete duplicate files.


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How to Convert Webpage to Pdf

Posted by Aamir
how to convert webpage to pdf
Web pages are displayed in HTML format with the help of browsers. It can be difficult for you to save the web page on your computer for future reference in HTML format where saving it in pdf format comes handy. In this article i am going to show how to convert a webpage to pdf format so that you can read it offline. Using  following tips you can easily save web pages in pdf format. After converting to pdf format, you can view it using any pdf viewer.                                      

Convert Webpage to pdf

Method 1

1. Open Google chrome on your PC.
2. Now open a webpage which you want to convert as pdf file.
3. Now press Ctrl + P on your PC which will open a Print Dialog Box in Chrome Browser.
4. Now Change the destination to save as pdf and click save button.
5. The Webpage will be downloaded and saved as PDF File.

Method 2

This can also be done online through
Goto web2pdfconvert  and enter URL which you want to convert to pdf and then hit on convert to PDF.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to remove last seen at time stamp in whatsapp

Posted by Aamir
 In this article i am going to show, how to remove 'last seen at' time stamp in Whatsapp. Unfortunately the developers of Whatsapp have not included the feature to hide the last seen at time stamp. It is really annoying to show when we were online and when we were not. Hiding last seen at time stamp is very simple and You don't need any software to disable last seen at time stamp in Whatsapp.

 disable lastseen in whatsapp                                 

Steps to Disable Last Seen In Whatsapp:

  • Before launching up whatsapp disable Data connection and your WiFi.
  • After disabling the data connection open whatsapp and read or send messages.
  • Now close the whatsapp and enable data connection.
  • When you enable the data connection the messages will be sent without updating your last login time in Whatsapp servers. 
We can also disable last seen at time stamp using an external app called "Not Last Seen". The app is completely available for free and can downloaded from following link.

To download the App click here .

After downloading and installing the App open it and enable the option called "Block last seen". Thats it you are done.

 Also see How to lock Whatsapp with password to hide messages

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to fix windows 8 store apps pending in one click

Posted by Aamir
Nowadays everyone is facing an issue of windows 8 store not downloading apps but rather showing pending from ages. There is no need to worry i am here with a solution that will fix the problem. There are many solutions which suggest closing and reopening the store but they may not solve the problem for many. So here are few solutions that i am going to share which may solve your problem.

How to fix windows 8 store apps pending in one click


Clear the cache,To clear the cache open run dialog box by pressing WIN+R key and type wsreset and click on OK. This will clear the cache and may solve the problem for some if not try the other solutions.
run dialog box


1. Download windows 8 app troubleshooter from Microsoft.
     click here to download windows 8 app troubleshooter.
2. Click next it will detect the problems and tries to fix them automatically.
3. After problems are fixed Restart your computer.


1. Open command prompt as administrator and type net stop wuauserv to stop the update.
2. Go to the directory C:\Windows\ and delete Software Distribution Folder.
3. Again open Command Prompt as an Administrator and Type: net start wuauserv and Press Enter to stop Update.
4. Press WIN+C and Search for troubleshooting then click Fix problems with Windows Update.

Let others know which solution fixed your problem by commenting below.
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Monday, December 9, 2013

How to lock your computer remotely using Bluetooth Device

Posted by Aamir
Have you ever wondered your computer getting locked itself when you move away from it and getting unlocked when you move towards it, yes it is possible using a Software called Btprox which locks your computer depending on the Bluetooth signal. The application is completely available for free. Btprox works by pairing any Bluetooth device like mobile phone with your computer. It locks your computer whenever the Bluetooth device is taken away from it and unlocks the computer when the device is taken closer to it.

lock computer using bluetooth Device

Requirements for Btprox to work

1. Any device With Bluetooth connectivity (smart phone).
2. A Computer with Bluetooth.
3. Btprox software which can be downloaded from following link.

Steps to lock Computer remotely using Bluetooth

1. First download the Btprox application from the link provided above and install it.
2. Run the application from Desktop or program files.

Btprox-main window

3. Pair the Bluetooth device with your computer by clicking on '...' button next to used device.
4. Set the timeout for which you want your computer to be locked when you move away from it.

Btprox pair device

5. Now click on start button, the icon of the program in system tray turns orange as soon as the device is found.
6. When the Bluetooth device moves away, the icon turns red and computer gets locked after the timeout limit.
7. To abort locking, right click on the Btprox icon in system tray and click on Abort workstation lock

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